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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click or PPC is an Internet marketing strategy where you pay a fee each time one of you ads is clicked. Even though that sounds a little crazy, believe me it's one of the most effective ways to guarantee that you will have prospective buyers visiting your site. Instead of trying to get visits through organic results (a.k.a. regular searches) which normally takes some time to build and bring your site to the top of the results, these ads tend to show up at the top or besides the regular (organic) results and are usually listed as "sponsored" or "featured".

Every time one of your Pay Per Click ads is clicked you have effectively bought that click and brought the new lead to your site. Positioning within the sponsored results is defined by how much you are willing to pay for the keyword or key phrase that was searched. Esua Digitals is a certified Google partner and is ready to help you start your new PPC campaign.

When should I use PPC?

As you can imagine this kind of advertising have some real advantages over the standard SEO (Search Engine Optimization). While standard SEO can take sometimes months for you to start seeing results PPC implementation is fairly straightforward, giving you those needed quick results. Your business, products and services are guaranteed to get exposure to new potential customers. You can change how much of your budget you want to spend in a daily basis or on any given time and set daily limits for your budget.

Are there any downsides ?

There are drawbacks to relying only on this kind of advertisement, however. Your new bid can lower the positions of other firms, and the most common reaction is to raise the click value to regain ranking. These kinds of campaigns can become prohibitively expensive, depending on the aggressiveness and competitiveness of the parties. Because of this, constant monitoring is recommended. In addition to that, many users have learned to recognize PPC and avoid using them.

Your landing page (the page displayed to your customers once they click on your add) can also make a big difference in how high you appear while competing with other PPC users. It's not uncommon that someone paying less money may appear higher than some competitors. This is based on how well your landing page is made and how your keywords are place into it, definitely designing a landing page to your with your PPC campaign is the right way to go.

How does a PPC campaign work?

A PPC campaign will generally start with a market analysis, which will tell what are the most used search terms for what you are trying to advertise. Based on that we can them set up a starting budget and daily limit for how much you are planning on spending per click on the campaign. You can also have multiple campaigns with different keywords running at the same time to give you a better understanding of what people are searching for.

For a successful PPC campaign, keyword research is fundamental. Unlike a regular SEO, with a PPC campaign there aren't practical limits to the amount of keywords or key phrases you can use. Also, there is usually no extra cost to add keywords. This makes the keyword selection process easier, since there isn't a set number for the keywords to be used within the site.

An experienced PPC campaigner will be able to set a good campaign for you without breaking your bank. There are several keywords and key phrases that can bring traffic to your site and not all of then are very competitive, it all depends on how much experience and knowledge the company in charge of setting this up for you has.

Monitoring and Analyzing

Considering that positions can change any given day, constant monitoring is crucial for a good Pay Per Click campaign. Since the top 3 Overture or Google AdWords results is what is typically shown on most searches the competition for these places can be fierce, and bidding wars are very common. Besides tracking ranking positions it's important to study the efficacy and importance of each keyword and phrases on a monthly basis.

We will use all of this to refine your PPC campaign and provide you more traffic per keyword. If you are still not sure if PPC is right for you, contact us today and one of our Pay Per click advertising in Nigeria specialists will be glad to answer all your questions.

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